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About our Trailer Tents

iCaravanRental rents out trailer tents from Isabella Camp-let.

The name Camp-let is made up of two Danish words: “camp”, which is obviously the same as camping in English, + “let”, which means easy. The two words have been Camp-let’s motto since 1969, when the first Camp-let trailer tent rolled out of the Danish factory. Thanks to the stylish Danish design and quality craftsmanship, you can travel with your Camp-let year after year, and put it up and take it down again in minutes.


Camp-let is a compact trailer tent, which seems barely there when fixed to your car. The kitchen is mounted directly on the tailgate, and the awning and sleeping compartments are easily put up in a single action. The small, compact design has much to offer when you open it out.

You get:

  • Two sleeping compartments, to sleep a total of four people, with comfortable beds

  • The option of a built-in kitchen with two gas rings

  • A spacious living area with full freedom of movement for the whole family

  • Generous storage space for your luggage

  • The option to expand with the addition of a sun canopy, annex and outdoor kitchen solution

Trailer Tent


  • + A Camp-let is easy to put up and pack away again. You don’t have to assemble poles and slide on the canvas. The living space and sleeping compartments are put up in a single action.

  • + You sleep better in a Camp-let. You don’t have to lie uncomfortably on the ground.

  • + You have more space in a Camp-let. You get 17–18 square metres of space with full headroom. 

  • + A Camp-let frees up space in the boot. A family tent sleeping 4–5 people can easily take up half of the boot.

  • + With a Camp-let, you get lots of storage space for furniture, kitchenware, a gas cylinder and your luggage. 

  • + You can enjoy lovely breaks with a Camp-let. When you pull in to a lay-by and want to have something to eat, simply pull out the tailgate and voilà! – you’ve got a kitchen so you can reheat yesterday’s leftovers for dinner or make a cup of coffee.

  • + A Camp-let gives you a built-in kitchen with gas rings and a water tank.

  • + You can transport the family’s bicycles on top of a Camp-let